I am Italian and live in de Lido of Venice. I saw the leguano shoes in a bicycle fair in Utrecht and found them very good. I went especially to Bonn to buy them and started to use them.
I am 61 years old and my problem is an overweight of about ten kilos, that I have been handling for about 12 years now with various diets and systems, under the control of different physicians, but that never diminished, instead I was gaining weight! It is not only an aesthetic problem, it is a question of health, since I have five hernias and I do not have to be fat, overweight is bad for my backside.

After five weeks I had lost five kilos

On 30th May I started to walk with the leguanos early in the morning before breakfast, for less than two kilometers and the help of a podometer. I did the same in the evening, just after dinner, again for about two kilometers. During the day I always ride my bicycle and swim, to keep active as more as possible. Since that 30th of May, I have been walking every day twice a day (with the exception of just 3-4 times for the rain) until today, on an average distance of two kilometers, and I am still doing it. After just 20 days I had lost 3,5 kilos. After five weeks I had lost five kilos. I am apparently still losing weight, but of course more slowly than at the beginning.

Less pain and more power

In addition to that, my posture has completely changed. I walk straight, my shoulders are more symmetrical than before, my whole body is balanced. After the first three days I had a pain crisis. I could not move, all my muscles were painful. But I walked all the same, very slowly and without forcing, and now I feel that all my muscles are powerful, I have less pain and can walk and even swim and ride my bicycle better, with less effort and for longer distances. Yesterday I was checked by my orthopedist, who found a very better situation. This is a very long story with many details that I wanted to refer to you because I am really enthusiastic about the shoes. I am convinced that they have remarkably contributed in improving my condition with the right stimuli from my feet to the rest of my body, and in recovering a more balanced posture.

I first would like to congratulate with the designers of the shoes. It is an intelligent system. Secondly, I think that my experience can be useful for other people.

Thank you very much and my best personal regards.

Alessandra R. D. from Venice